You have a great brand, customers who adore you, and a small business that’s ready to grow. 

But the daily marketing effort that goes into winning new customers on social media is a monthly battle that takes you away from what you love best about growing your small business.

If you feel like social media is under-performing for your business, you aren’t alone. In fact, I ran a survey recently to a group of small business owners, and 40% of them said that they struggled making sales on social media.

That’s despite the news that continues to be a growing method for customers when it comes to discovering a new business online.

But if it’s so great, why are so many businesses struggling?

A big problem is that most small businesses are using social media as a way to showcase their brand, when what they really need is a full promotional strategy that’s designed to drive results.

Why? Well, whilst simply posting nice content and growing your follower base might be great for your brand, and it might bring you a few new customer leads, but it isn’t a proactive strategy when it comes to using social media as a sales tool. What you really need is something in place that’s going to bring you a regular stream of new leads every single day, whilst still showcasing your brand in the very best light. 

What you need is a smart funnel

A smart funnel, in simple terms, takes your fan base on a journey (an adventure!) from discovering you on social media, to being one of your most loyal, paying customers. I build them the perfect, irresistible path that will tempt them to click, sign up, and press the buy button at every stage of the process.

That’s a funnel. But a smart funnel is a little bit different. Instead of trying to create that perfect funnel from scratch, mind-reading your customers’ behaviour and hoping for the best, I use data and a repeat testing process to refine and optimise these funnels so that they over-perform and bring actual results – in other words, they bring you regular, high quality customer leads into your business.


profilepic       Hi, I’m Lauren. Welcome! I’m thrilled to have you here.

Let me quickly introduce myself.

Since 2006 I’ve worked in the web, working for digital agencies and high tech startups in South Wales (in the UK).

I love the web and I have a genuine passion for small businesses. I have many fond memories of working with clients delivering flagship website brands before the term “social media” even existed. That included household names like the BBC and Worldvision (who I still personally support to this day as it’s a great charity, so check them out), plus countless small businesses, big businesses and government departments.

In 2013, whilst on maternity, I decided to say goodbye to the corporate world, and, like so many others, start my own business.

I love what I do now. I get to work on a very close basis with a small number of clients, and really make a difference in their business. Constructing smart funnels is my perfect job. It takes all the good web design principles I learned in my days working in digital agencies, and ties it together perfectly with the sort of modern, agile, growth-hacking approach that can really help businesses turn the corner online in a shockingly short space of time.

If you can connect with your potential customers on social media, communicate your brand to them, and lead them right to your virtual door, then it becomes an extremely powerful tool for your business. 


Let me help you get there.










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