Instagram social media management


I'm Lauren. I design high performing social media smart funnels that are tailored to your coaching business.

What Are Smart Funnels?

Most social media management services will focus on growing your online following. I'm interested in something a little different.


A Smart Funnel will turn your social media account into an asset.

It is specially designed to optimize your social media account to capture high quality client leads.

I do that by building an end-to-end funnel that is purposely designed to take someone from an interested follower into a paying customer. I work directly with you to build a clear social media strategy with a solid foundation:

A beautiful, modern social media brand that helps you connect with your audience, build authority, and showcase your business.

With smart application of audience data, rapid testing and funnel optimisation work, I help businesses like yours achieve what they need the most - new customers.

Work With Me

Ready to transform your business on social media? Here, you'll find plenty of resources to get you started, depending on what stage your coaching business is in. If you're ready for growth, take a look at my one-to-one services.

Instagram social media management
Instagram social media management
Instagram social media management

You know you have the talent to help people. You just need to know where to reach out to your potential customers.

Instagram is one of the fast growing, most engaging social media platforms around. With my guidance, I’m going to show you exactly how Instagram can help you to connect with your audience.

On here, you’ll learn how to use Instagram to build a strong stand-out brand, bond with your followers on a personal level, and consistently turn those followers into high quality, targeted leads on your email list.

Let Instagram Communicate Your Talents To The World